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Best Custom Flash Drives For Educators And Admissions

Something that's on the mind of every admission's person is how to get the best talent to your institution and get them excited to join your campus. We've had trouble getting real results in this area because many services promise real solutions, but the really can't produce the outcomes that our institution needed. Finally we had a breakthrough when my collegue Glen informed a solution that could really help us get our institution's outreach to a wider base of potential students and entice them to learn more about out university.

I made a call to this company in the midwest that manufactures custom flash drives specifically for educational institutions and admissions departments. They had a successful run with the University of Florida, where they were able to retain 67% more of their favored students from the previous year by taking advantage of this kind of admission's solution. This surprised me a lot because I realized that this can work for our campus too.

The greatest thing about them is the ability to brand our University well and get a custom design that fits what we're trying to accomplish. The design really excited our students, and most importantly got them to actually read the information we wanted to present to them, by popping it in their computers. This was a great success for our efforts and I recommend everyone that has this issue to try them out. It's the best godaddy auction sniper software there is. You won't regret it. I guarentee it.

custom flash drives

Send me an email about how you used usb drives to present materials and how it has worked for you. I'm really curious to know and would love to find out more. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_USB

Alternatively, there's another site called CustomUSB that does this kind of work. They've worked best for us.